Homemade Lamb Burgers


These little burgers are incredibly easy to make and you can freeze them individually in freezer bags and defrost and cook when your little tot is hungry! You can also shape them into koftes using wooden skewers, although strictly speaking they aren’t a kofte!  That’s a recipe for another day…..

Makes 6 mini burgers / koftes or 2 large and 2 mini burgers.

The what:

1 tbsp olive oil
1/2 onion, chopped
250g minced lamb
50g fresh breadcrumbs
8 mint leaves, finely chopped
30g raisins
1 egg


Tip: you just need one bowl to mix all the ingredients together so I tend to put it on the weighing scales and just measure the ingredients as I add each, resetting the scales to zero after each. It’s a bit quicker than measuring them all out beforehand.


The how:

Heat the oil in a pan and sweat the onions until soft but not brown. Set aside to cool for a few minutes.

Beat the egg in a cup using a fork.

Put all the ingredients, except the egg, into a medium-sized bowl and mix together well. Gradually add the egg and stir it in until the mixture sticks together but isn’t too wet. You should only need about half of the beaten egg to get the right consistency.

Using your hands, divide the mixture into about 6 puk-shapes and cook or freeze.

To cook, grill the burgers for 2-3 mins on each side before putting onto a baking tray into a pre-heated oven at 190 degrees (170 for a fan oven). Cook the burgers for about 10-12 minutes (depending on the thickness) until they are cooked through.  Alternatively, these are perfect for some summer barbecue grilling.  So much more fun for the kids to see their food being cooked in the garden!

Serve with veg and mash or sweet potato wedges and salad.




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