Puncture pain!


I’ve had two flats in the last couple of weeks and I’m not talking about the hot, caffeine-fueled white variety.

No, I’m referring to the very inconvenient rubber tyre variety. I’ve been quite pleased with my side-by-side double buggy, mainly because it’s the narrowest around (63cm) so fits through most doorways and Coco’s carry cot sits high and faces me, unlike some of the tandem doubles.  However, we were stopped (quite literally!) in our tracks TWICE in the last couple of weeks with a puncture.  We had a Stokke with its non-puncture tyres for Lentil so I’ve never had a buggy puncture incident, but was far from amused trying to wheel the buggy home on three wheels along with the weight of two children and the shopping bags!

My new BFF is a fluid that you squeeze into the inner tyre, which, according to the blurb on the pack, will self-mend any future punctures.  This puncture sealant lasts for two years. I’ve loaded all four wheels with it so fingers crossed it works. If not, ill be posting another buggy tyres rant!


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