Holidays avec les Enfants!


photo 5

It isn’t easy to find a truly baby / toddler friendly holiday spot: most hotels cater for older kids, offering lots of sporting activities and clubs.  However we did fall upon one such gem in Cyprus earlier this year. 

Papa, Lentil, and I (Coco, then known as Trouble, was just a bump, albeit a rather large 30 week + bump!) headed off to Cyprus.  Cyprus wasn’t top of our list of holiday destinations, in fact it probably wasn’t even on the list!  It just so happened that my research on baby friendly hotels led me to one in a very small village in Cyprus called Latchi.  The staff at the Anassa Hotel were super friendly and helpful from the moment we arrived.  Very fortunate considering we managed to leave our buggy on the carousel at the airport!  As a result of a late night packing and very early start, we (“we” meaning Papa, of course!) also managed to leave the changing bag containing all Lentil’s food, drinks, nappies etc for the flight, in the car at the airport.  We only discovered the bag was missing at security when it was far too late to go back and retrieve it.

I digress…back to the hotel.  Lentil was made feel very welcome from the moment we arrived: he was given his own miniature bathrobe and slippers, which were sooooo cute!


He was also given a bucket and spade set for the beach.  Only the watering can made it home, but he still plays with it in the bath.

The hotel also has the ingenious “Baby-go-lightly” list, from which you can pre-order loads of baby gear to save you the hassle of trying to fit it all into your already busting suitcases.  The list includes things like nappies, swim nappies, wipes, steriliser, baby gym mat etc, Babybjorn type carrier, potty, formula etc.  The transfer to and from the airport also came complete with car seat.

There are clubs for older kids along with the usual facilities; a crèche for little ones; and even a little playground complete with swings, slide etc.  We just used the creche one afternoon: as working parents, the holiday was a chance for us to spend some time with Lentil, especially before Trouble arrived.  However, the creche staff seemed really friendly and had the usual qualifications.  They even brought their little charges swimming in the baby pool every afternoon!

Missing Latchi already and feeling very chill sitting here in 16 degrees!


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