Fish Pie

Comforting fish pie with salmon, white fish, potatoes and cheese

DSC_0130aThe only fish and indeed the only pie I ate as a child was my mother’s fish pie topped with crumbled cheese and onion crisps.  And not just any cheese and onion crisps: a very special brand called Tayto, which are only available in the 4 fair provinces of Ireland.  It was such a special dinner.  As a young girl I wasn’t a great eater and dinnertime was a bit of a chore.  Fish pie day on the other hand was such a joy – who ever heard of having a treat like crisps with dinner??

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Grandma’s shepherd’s pie

Grandma’s shepherd’s pie with a sweet twist

DSC_0461aThis yummy recipe makes approximately 4 large and 2-3 little portions, but you’ll have to be quick before it’s gobbled up! The pie can also be pureed to the desired consistency for younger tummies.

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