Moussaka with Courgette

Moussaka with courgette


Moussaka with courgette?? It’s my take on a traditional Moussaka: a Moussaka in disguise if you will.  My recipe doesn’t use the traditional aubergine – I simply wasn’t feeling the aubergine love the day I made this – but you can of course add it if you’re a traditionalist!  Instead I use courgette. It passed the Lentil taste test and I actually used a mix of aubergine and courgette when I last made it for us parent people.  Of course I’m going to say I think it’s nicer with the courgette addition….but I really do!

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ABC: aubergine, barley, chicken

The barley takes a bit of time to cook but it’s pretty straight forward and the rest of this recipe is really easy and quick.  You just throw everything into the pot and leave it to bubble away!  The harissa spice is a gentle way of introducing your little one’s palate to some different flavours and spice.


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