Hello there!

I’m Sarah, mum to two adorable little children nicknamed Lentil (as he was the size of a lentil when we found out we were pregnant) and Trouble (her Papa just knew a little trouble was on the way…!).  Since birth, Trouble has been more affectionately nicknamed Coco after her great-grandmother. Then there’s Baby Patch: the one with the floppy black ears below; a slightly larger Mama Patch and a very large Papa Patch!  We’re hoping the Patch family won’t be growing any further……


My husband and I are self-confessed foodies: pre – Lentil and Coco we mostly enjoyed eating, leaving the cooking to the professionals!  But as date night is now once a month as opposed to a few times a week, we’ve come to enjoy cooking too. Just as well as we’ve done a lot of it over the last 18 months!

We’ve come up with some wholesome recipes which we hope you and your little charges will love too! Creating healthy recipes for our children means we also benefit from a more balanced, healthier diet and I truly believe it makes a difference. I try to stick to fresh (usually organic) ingredients; no added salt or sugar; and aim to introduce as much variety as possible.  After all, it’s the spice of life and who doesn’t need a bit of spice, right?!

We’d really like Lentil and Coco to grow up with an appreciation of all the wonderful fresh ingredients that are now so readily available, and the endless possibilities and flavour combinations.  We hope our home-cooked recipes will help them (and your little ones) develop a healthy and diverse appetite, enjoying the variety of foods we have been lucky enough to sample.

And so, I’m started this blog to share some of the recipes that have passed the Coco and Lentil taste test.  I hope you enjoy cooking and eating them too!

Sarah xx

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