Lentil’s Second Birthday

Let them eat cake!


I can’t believe my little Lentil is turning two this week!  And of course a birthday calls for some cake.  I’m having a slight melt down about said cake this year. Having only baked a couple of cakes theretofore and never having decorated any, I decided (in my wisdom) last year that I should bake / make all Lentil’s birthday cakes. Or at least until he’s about 18! Boy, am I beginning to regret my earthly-motherness now….

I went all out last year, staying up half the night before the party to finish the icing. It felt like being back at Uni cramming the night before an exam!  The pressure was immense, after all look at the christening cake his aunt made for him…


Thanks to Australian Women’s Weekly Kids’ Birthday Cakes (rather than a timely discovery of an unknown baking talent) I don’t think the end result was too bad, although you’re unlikely to find a jungle anywhere in the world looking quite like this……

PicMonkey Collage a

Lego Duplo is currently one of Lentil’s favourite toys, making it a good theme for this year’s birthday. However, having done a little research and looked at some cakes on Pinterest, I reluctantly acknowledged that a Lego cake is a little advanced for my second foray into the world of sugar craft.  Too high a probability of total failure! Definitely better to save that one for another year when Lentil might actually appreciate the sweat and tears that go into making it.


So, I’ve settled on a train – luckily he’s all into those too.  I’m quite a fan of carrot cake so am going to try to do half Victoria sponge; half carrot cake.  Goodness knows what I’ve let myself in for or what the stress levels will be like over the next couple of evenings??!  I’ll let you know how I get on and promise to post a picture of my attempt and not steal one from the “Great British Bake Off” archives!

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